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Drawing the Net

Training Christians to Be Soul Winners

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Welcome to Buddy Murphrey Soul Winning! If you have been born again, then there is a deep desire within you to see your friends and loved ones come to know the Lord just as you have. If you are scared to witness to others, that fear is natural. I want to provide you with the simple tools needed to become trained and fruitful.

Don't worry! I was timid and scared to death in school. No one would have ever convinced me that I would have the boldness to street preach, pastor, or knock doors. My materials were born out of my own effort to overcome my personal fears and inexperience.

So take a look around, and you'll see some great materials for beginners.

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Drawing the Net - The Soul Winner's Workbook

Features 39 practical lessons for inexperienced soul winners.


Soul Winning New Testament - Unavailable at this time

Unique code system to meet excuses.


"Examine Yourselves" Sermon Series on CD with Detailed Outlines

Twelve sermons that will awaken lost church members.


"Come to Jesus" Sermon Series on CD with Detailed Outlines

Six forceful evangelistic sermons designed to reach the unsaved.