Buddy Murphrey Soul Winning
Author of
Drawing the Net

"Examine Yourselves" Sermon Series on CD with Detailed Outlines

Twelve sermons that will awaken lost church members.

"Wheat or Tare"
"False Hopes"
"Books or Book"
"Two Roads to Hell"
"Religion or Salvation"
"Five Foolish Virgins"
"Four Types of Lost Church
"When God Gives a Man Up"
"Church Members in Hell"
"Why Some Become Tares"
"Message to Altar Workers"

Perfect for busy pastors and teachers.
Great "starter set" for beginner preachers and teachers.
Powerful gift for friend or loved one who is a religious,
but lost church member.

Each outline is from 4 to 12 pages on 6 1/2 x 9 1/2 three-ring paper.
Scriptures printed out.
Just open and preach.


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